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Wulf 2 With Fur 2 Outro card by shadowwulf82 Wulf 2 With Fur 2 Outro card :iconshadowwulf82:shadowwulf82 0 0 Wulf 1 with fur by shadowwulf82 Wulf 1 with fur :iconshadowwulf82:shadowwulf82 0 0 Wulf head 1 by shadowwulf82 Wulf head 1 :iconshadowwulf82:shadowwulf82 1 0
Forever Fallen
Forever fallen lie the forests of old
Forever fallen the days of cold
Never remember the days of sorrow
Never remember the false morrow
Create and conserve, the rule of life
Create and conserve, the Earth's strife
Prepare and protect, all of our wants
Prepare and protect, always our flaunts
Flawed and foiled, the life of now
Flawed and foiled, many ask "how?"
Forever fallen is the way of grief
Forever fallen we want this brief
Immortal illusion is what we seek
Immortal illusion never needed for the meek
Always assured, we are on false hope
Always assures, we are hung on a rope
:iconshadowwulf82:shadowwulf82 0 0
The Final Faust
When looking back at the past
We know the memories won't last
From when we had a blast
The loss leaving us aghast
Reflections leave us much sorrow
Not wanting to seek the morrow
Wanting only to borrow
One of Cupid's ar-row
Memories leave us in desolation
Hoping to find inspiration
Wanting only escalation
We would only want to make a deal
In hope to reveal
A past seal
Wanting it to be real
For evil's grand prize
Will make a man rise
In the end making a reprise
For such choices that are not wise
:iconshadowwulf82:shadowwulf82 0 0
A Valentines Day Poem
Valentines Day
What can I say?
There is much to this day
A day to show love
Greater than anything above
And innocent as a dove
Giving many a chance to share
How much they care
With hugs like a bear
Near or far
Love leaves a scar
That leaves emotions with a mar
But do not fret
Love is a bet
with prizes to come yet
Look forward look now
Because love is on the prow
waiting for you to give a bow
:iconshadowwulf82:shadowwulf82 0 0
Repeated sorrows
And so the new year begins
But days may have already gone grim
Two years pass
From two lovers, alas
Two years to let the sorrow
Fester into the never ending morrow
Tragedy has rebounded
It was quite unsounded
For the past always repeats
Forcing many heartfelt retreats
A lovers' sorrow for first love and loss
Is crushed by the unruly boss
To you my friend,
Your woes are mine
May you find happiness in the end
Quite divine
:iconshadowwulf82:shadowwulf82 0 0
Anjel prepares to strike (draft) by shadowwulf82 Anjel prepares to strike (draft) :iconshadowwulf82:shadowwulf82 0 0
Philosophy of sorrow
What is life without death?
Without love?
Without anger?
What is the purpose of life if there is no emotion to drive it?
Without logic to control it?
Without knowledge to guide it?
What is happiness?
Where do these pieces of life's game fit?
Are they just pawns to humanity?
Or are they the key pieces?
:iconshadowwulf82:shadowwulf82 1 0
Ghostly notoriety
I may he the life of the party
But I am nothing but a ghost,  hardly.
The emptiness of being alone
Is one the wolf cannot condone
I am a wolf, a creature of the pack
A nature I force to hold back
Although I cannot deny it
I try to defy it
As much as I try to stay unknown
My notoriety has well grown
I try to give myself a goodnight
Only to receive quite a fright    
I always feel there's something wrong
Do I belong?  
Darkness is brewing
Chaos ensuing
:iconshadowwulf82:shadowwulf82 0 6
Fate's cruel game
Fate knows
When friendship grows
Fate sets a rift
When friendship is adrift
The memories never end,
But time makes it hard to rend
Fate, time, sorrow
All see the morrow
Life, death, and luck
The brothers of pluck.
As a new chapter approaches
The emotion enroaches,
The memories of the past,
Knowing they were never to last,
Day by day,
Fate has its way
Of making one suffer in the mind,
How oh so ever unkind
The days have come and gone
Where my heart used brain not brawn
:iconshadowwulf82:shadowwulf82 0 0
Madeleine, a dear friend of mine,
Showed me love once, so divine
Her uniqueness struck me so hard,
It was hard to play my romance card,
You brought joy and happiness true,
It will be difficult to find one like you,
I miss your long flowing hair,
But even though, I still show care,
Innocent and honest our love was,
It was forced to end because...
Fate plays a cruel game with life,
Where one wins, the other causes strife,
Stay true to your heart, dear,
One day our paths might near
Forever and ever will you hold a place in my heart, easily shown by my art
My love for you still burns with a passion,
Driving some of my fashion,
Forever you will be missed,
Especially when we first kissed,
Oh that magical moment in time,
Those memories make it difficult to rhyme, it should be a crime
As the poem comes to a close,
It is difficult to write a prose
So I shall end with this,
I know you won't miss;
My dearest, beautiful as a rose,
Will we meet again? Only fate knows.
Our paths will cross in time,
:iconshadowwulf82:shadowwulf82 0 0
A friendly proposition
A new friend made
Potential paid
Curiosities grown
Interest shown
For now you are unknown, but how?
We are both notorious, as I somewhat glorious
We are both an oddity to our society
Our names are known,
Our friendship is known,
My interest grown
Do you know what love is stranger?
Fret not, for I am no danger,
Much like the boy of the manger
Where would you like to go?
I shall give you a show,
Join me and I will give you a wild ride,
One from which you cannot hide
So I can only guess, but please say yes
:iconshadowwulf82:shadowwulf82 0 0
To earn love
I tried to give some hints, but the shadow laid faded, tired and outdated.
I was sad and confused, least amused.
The fire once burned for love to be earned.
:iconshadowwulf82:shadowwulf82 0 0
Her words are harsh, intentions true
Befriending her, is a decision unto you
Guide you she can,
Not without hitting the pan
Although cute and adorable,
She is not all that incorrigible
A friend true she is,
Making you see you as a quiz
:iconshadowwulf82:shadowwulf82 1 0
False shadows
I am back, the shadow of black
Now what you see is what I used to be,
A wolf with a smile, wider than any mile
Was only a false illusion to my atrusion of this life
My heart lies in strife,
I will make this brief,
All I can say, is that I grief, to this day
:iconshadowwulf82:shadowwulf82 1 2
All these works come from my passionate emotions and teenage angst.

The sci-fi looking ones are for my novel.


showrrrrr by Joltikon
Mature content
showrrrrr :iconjoltikon:Joltikon 68 21
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Congradulations is what many people said to me this lovely evening.

Today was my high school graduation, it was tons of fun. A final goodbye from friends who i can call brothers (since it's an all guy school). One of them was cutting it really close as we walked down the aisle but he made it in time to get his diploma. The speaker had a very heartfelt speech about his four years at my school, although i could only relate to two of those years, i still felt proud to be part of that family.

As we were all being called up one by one each of us did our own uniqe motion to receiving the diplomas. Some did the "Nixon" some danced (including me Gangnam Style) and one person even did a front flip. It was spectacular to recieve an uproar from the friends and family that attended.

This was done all in a heartfelt hour with a grand applause from everyone. Afterward everyone was taking selfies with friends for the last time, chatting with the teachers and just enjoying the moment.

Everyone had their own postgrad parties, some not until next week, but mine was just after. We attended a restaurant called Hokkaido, a Japanese buffet.

Slowly group by group all of my invited family and friends began to fill the lobby. Many of my mother's co-workers came to join the festivities. Once we were all there we had taken at least seven tables! This really surprised me by all the attendees. I never knew honestly. I also invited a previous alum and two of my teachers who were glad to be invited. We all chatted and took photos there. I even saw one of my fellow graduates there it was quite the surprise. Later one on of the coworkers invited me for a graduation swig which was funny. Also while we were there our "sister" (little family friend who we consider a sister) was having fun with the other little kids there even messing with my mini me.

The feast lasted long until about 10 when the party died down and everyone headed home. As soo. As i got home (with a temper tantrumed brother, he was cranky sleepy) i opened my envelopes filled with card with cards and money inside (it went up to be just around a grand!). I was glad to see how everyone wanted to wish me well as i enter into my college career.

Then i began to close the night off counting, drinking cider, and writing this.

Surely this will be one of those days i will never forget.
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(simply put it, im a literary artist, but i do tend to create paintings, mostly based off of my love life). i am also a musician, i play guitar, i sing, and i play piano.


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